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Lukey;59403 wrote: Hi,

Chelating 2-3 years did my head a lot of good but it loused up my GI tract. I think it probably killed off some of my good bacteria because oil of oregano, GSE, coconut oil, and garlic seem to have little to no effect on me.

I’m now using probiotics along with the above mentioned anti fungals, but taken 2 hours apart.
I really want to keep up the oregano to go after a long standing viral infection I’ve had.

Had some beet kvass yesterday, it tasted good but it caused mucus in stools. I may not have fermented it long enough. If it’s done right it’s supposed to be a probiotic food.
Very frustrating to have these things happen to me. It’s not serious symptoms but it’s frustrating because I have not as of yet been able to put a finger on it. I’m very bored with my diet and would love to expand but this truly isn’t the time to expand. 🙂

Have you tried kefir? Either milk or water kefir? Or Sauerkraut? Those are also good natural sources of probiotics to try if you haven’t.

And I definitely understand your frustrations regarding not having overly serious symptoms that seem to have a control on the quality of our life. I’m not on the Candida diet, but having to avoid foods that cause reactions limits me a lot already to the point where I can’t eat anything at most restaurants or products in stores, unless it’s a whole food like apples. I can’t have anything with gluten which cuts out a lot of food.