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So you are trying to determine the difference between an allergy and a candida or die-off symptom, correct?

An allergy (or reaction) typically happens immediately or soon after eating something that you are allergic to; the symptoms can range from a cough, mucous production, tremors, heart palpitations, headaches, the leaky “gut” burn feeling I’ve mentioned over and over (similar to indian rug burn), hyperventilation, and more symptoms…it typically lasts for a short period of time such as a period of hours.

Candida symptoms typically happen throughout your treatment and are very similar, but occur all day or or over a period of weeks or months or years. Examples include brain fog, poor digestion, anxiety, acne, headaches, poor concentration, inability to cope with stress, arthritis, food allergies, etc. These can change or morph throughout your treatment and should improve as you get better.

Die-off symptoms typically start right after you start the diet and are very similar to the above symptoms, but are typically new or different symptoms you haven’t had persistantly before. The main ones include general flu-like symptoms of malaise, fever, coughing, sweating, poor energy, brain fog, headaches, acne, etc. You just feel very ill and it doesn’t feel right. After a period of weeks or months these should reduce or go away and you should slowly start to feel normal. Protecting the liver and kidneys can reduce die-off symptoms.

Hope this helps explain it! You just need to understand your body and what is going on and the cause and effect relationship.