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Thanks for the input raster! I’m primarily concerned with healing as quickly as possible, so I wasn’t sure if the sugar in blueberries would outweigh their anti-inflammatory benefits… I just don’t want to set myself back any; I’ve been working so hard for 3 months.

I’ve been wanting to lose more weight than I have too – that’s why I’ve been running 3x/week. To no avail, it seems. I’m stuck at 143 pounds. Everyone on here seems to say they had remarkable weight loss on this diet so that’s been worrying me; maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I do have entire days of being so tired I can barely even keep my eyes open, much less speak aloud. It always happens after a day of moderate physical activity (like I had a yard sale last weekend and was completely DEAD for a day afterward), but running for 45 minutes doesn’t seem to have that same effect. Strange.