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The first and easiest way is to do a stool test, but it’d be best to have a test at the height of your infestation as a reference point as well. These tests can be inconclusive because everyone has candida in their body. They also are expensive and not likely covered with insurance. Genova diagnostics labs is one example.

Another way to test is to see how well you can tolerate cheat foods and how your body responds to eating some junk. Does the candida come back after eating some waffles and syrup for days in a row? How do you feel when you cheat? For me its been a slow progression towards eating more starches, sugars, fruits, etc. I would not plan on going back to the foods that brought you back here in the first place unless you are willing to jeopardize your progress.

Leaky gut; I think this is one of the earliest indications. Once you have leaky gut healed and are not allergic to anything, that means you reversed a lot of the infestation/inflammation at the least. Some people became allergic to everything, like me. Eventually the allergic reactions become like .1% of what it once was.

For many, you feel really good and are full of energy…feeling the best you’ve felt in years! This is maybe another one of the easiest indications that things are nearly there…but from my experience it takes many months to reverse a decade or more of eating poorly and harming the body.

Stools and digestion; how good are they? I notice that I still have a bit of constipation…and you really should be having BM’s 3 times a day or so. Anything less than 3 BM’s a day is considered constipation, and it might take a long time to reach this point for some.