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Cheesey;41489 wrote:

Hi Cheesey —

I am under the belief that an infestation of candida, overworked liver in general will cause CFS. Get rid of toxins, heal your gut and chances are you will feel much more balanced.

In terms of your question, I wouldn’t doubt you don’t fall in the CFS camp, but I prefer to say it sounds like you just need to heal your body.

I think altogether I am probably closer to the CFS camp than most and it might not be as simple as saying its just candida. Hopefully, though, m current protocol can bring me back into balance enough to recover my health generally.

I actually didn’t say it was just candida. What I was saying is as you reduce your toxic load, heal your gut (GI system/liver), and you will most likely feel much more balanced.

Anyways, no one likes being sick. Keep your chin up and hang in. All the best in your journey towards healing.