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I haven’t baked on the diet yet, but the breads I used to bake were actually non yeast breads. The only thing going against the diet would be that I would use some syrup or honey to sweeten, and then lots of dried fruits and nuts in it. So soon, when I start baking breads again (as soon as I’ve tested the flours that I want to use) I’ll just exclude those things that we can’t have on the diet.

Anyway, what I used to use in my bread to get a nice flavor were spices like cumin, anis and fennel (mortal it first). I can’t remember the amount, but you really don’t need to be careful with these spices. It gives a delicious depth to the bread..
Also, I would mortal some fresh rosemary, oregano, thyme, whatever I would have with some olive oil to get the tastes out and put it in the dough.

I used to grate a couple of carrots and mix it into the dough to make it extra juicy, but I’m thinking about grating in zucchini now..

Anyway, I’ll probably start baking within a week, so I’ll come back with some tips when I have the baking more fresh in my head:)

Just a quick question. Is there anything else we could use a sweetener which is not those stevia etc?