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Kiki, what jorge is talking about has to do with that link I posted. Read it if you havent yet. Basically, antibodies are produced by the Th2 (humoral) branch of the immune system. This branch can only take care of infections and foreign objects that reside outside of the cells in the body. Th1 cells head up the cellular mediated immune branch. This branch does not use antibodies, its more of a direct attack and its main responsibility is for infections that reside inside of the cells. The Th1 branch is what is needed to take out fungal infections, viral infections like hhv too. It also keeps the Th2 branch in check so that it doesnt produce antibodies to things it shouldnt, as in the case of allergies or other IgG/IgM related sensitivity reactions (that can produce symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, anxiety/depression, restless legs, brain fog, migraines, upset stomach etc). One way to check its function is to introduce an antigen into the skin and checking for and measuring a welt 48-72 hours later. This test is typically performed by some allergists. This is the branch that some immune suppressing bugs can actually shut down, and some people have physiology or other problems that make this branch weak and susceptible. There are many things you can do to boost its performance.

What jorge said is true to a point, for some people. Everyone is different. Also, many peoples infections just clear up from doing things like chelating heavy metals, addressing methylation, or whatever their specific problem is. Its all very individual. What needs to be done is to find and treat any problems and just take as much of a load off the body as you can while finding what allowed it to happen in the first place and take care of it.

I know its all so confusing while you are learning, stick with it, the more you know the better the odds of success. Alot of people will tell you their own learning was an instrumental or essential part of their getting better. If you have any questions you know where to ask them. The docs you are going to see are familiar with running through the basics of all this and know what tests to use. Its a great next step, hopefully the last one. The little ones almost always come around the fastest 🙂