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impossible;53402 wrote: You said what I was thinking, it sounds like he is carrying some sort of virus, most likely hhv. Have you had a viral panel ran yet? Immune suppressing virus’s create the perfect immune conditions for a fungal overgrowth also.

It might be worth it to check out the methylation symptoms/conditions page too. Theres a link to it in one of the stickied pages. Alot of toddlers/children with those types of issues have problems in that area of the physiology.

Hey Impossible,

Can you tell me how to request a “viral panel”? What labs offer that? And what this will confirm. I’m still highly suspicious of HHV6 since he had this 5 weeks before his problems started. Also, over the past year since this began, he will occasionally get a random bump on his upper or lower lip and seems to coincide with other rashes. He’s been tested for HSV 1 & 2 and is negative. His penis still tickles/tingles and has become dry at the tip from a year of pinching it! Ugh! Also, his pinky toes continue to itch periodically. Oh, and one pinky toenail is thicker than the rest and a little yellow , i know this has to be fungus.

Also, within a few days after the new doc started my son on a new probiotic called MindLinx, he had a reaction. He started having bowel movements 3-4 times a day. At first I thought this was good, maybe clearing stuff out. But he also started having a lot of gas and THEN the itchy butt started and has continued now for 6 weeks!!!! Some of the gas was pretty stinky and some not. The stool was not formed, probably a function of the gas. Initially, he had a rash that went up the crack of his buttocks that was itchy as well and broken from scratching. After taking him off the probiotic (he was on it for about 4 weeks into it) the rash on the crack has cleared up (but is still pink)however, the anus is still itchy and has irritation inside. Not sure if its some sort of small hemorroid or just a tear from the scratching.

I researched that probiotic and I suspect is was the FOS in it. So in my mind the FOS fed something, probably yeast. Although his Organic Acid Test and GI Effects test said NO yeast. Confusing!!! Does this sound like Yeast to you? I think I had the yeast under control and the FOS fed it and it multiplied. Also, trying to find someone who administers the CANDIN test; I’ll have to ask Jorge about that that.