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impossible;53537 wrote: I would like to share a tidbit of my story. Its similar to your sons. As a toddler, I was pretty messed up. My yeast infection was so bad that my stool was entirely blood red my intestines were so inflamed, I had terrible rashes and eczema, my sinus’s and ears were so infected that I wound up in surgery a few times, and I had terrible allergies including food allergies. I was always sick. I was also constantly upset, crying, and very irate. My mother finally took me to a holistic doc that put me on nystatin, b12 shots, and what is basically now known as an anti-inflammatory diet. A year later I was pretty much normal and had a pretty normal childhood! There were a few times I got my butt really kicked by viral infections, but other than that I was fine until my teens (mercury fillings then a wicked reaction to a tetanus shot). For me, it all started from doctors shoving large amounts of antibiotics in me because I was having MAJOR inflammatory problems that started hours after my first vaccination at 6 months.

Come to find out years later I have methylation problems similiar to alot of other people that have similiar problems and also have many traits of Asperger’s syndrome.

Thanks for sharing! When I was pregnant with my son was the first time I had ever heard any concerns regarding vaccines. I heard of it three times in the same week and one of them being from a relatively new friend. I had prayed, like many, for a healthy child. When we pray do we expect an answer? God was stirring me to listen and we did. When my husband was in college he had to catch up in vaccines which ended sending him to the hospital with terrible Asthma and hives and he was hospitalized for a few days. He was in agreement to not vaccinate. The only shot our son has ever received was the Vit K shot because they worried us with that.

When my son was born he had tummy issues right away. He did not sleep hardly at all and then had other issues I mentioned before. I know in my heart that if he would have been vaccinated he would have had a reaction. He would have been one of those “rare” statistics. If in fact they are rare. When I look at him I see these letters S P A R E D. Things could be so much worse than they are. I trust that we will get the answers. And you and the others sharing information are part of that progress.

The infectious disease doctor ruled out cancer based on all of her tests. I am a little surprised she didn’t look for a fungal infection. I’m taking notes and putting together a history for the new doctor. I am hopeful.