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raster;56096 wrote: So does your son only complain of burning urination but there isn’t anything visible on the skin (like rash, etc?)


Actually no burning on urination either. A year ago he broke out in terrible mouth ulcers, never had them before. They would heal on one side of the inner cheeks and then erupt on the other side. This cycle lasted for 6 weeks. The same time the mouth ulcers started he started complaining that the tip of his penis had a “pinching” feeling. It is relieved by him pinching the tip of it. There were times where it would bother him so much that he would be in distress if he couldn’t get to it to pinch it (like sitting in the car seat and wearing blue jeans). We had two trips to a Urologist and nothing. I would try to get him to not do it for just 5 minutes while we played. He couldn’t. It’s like having a terrible itch and not being able to scratch it.

On a few occasions over the past year he will have a spell of frequent need to urinate (could last a few days). When he does, there’s only a small amount of urine but it can happen every 10 minutes or so. Generally he will have another issue somewhere else like a rash on his ankles or something. Once I learned that he tests positive for ANA I wondered if this is some sort of auto immune issue although I cannot find anyone with these symptoms. He also does not have diabetes so its not that. Back then he had a few urine tests and no UTI was found. Even had a sonogram. The Urologist finally concluded that it must be something systemic. Stemming from whatever caused the mouth ulcers and other rashes. This was before we knew he would test positive for ANA. At the advice of an ND we went on a GF diet last May. It’s been good for all of us but did not affect the penis issue at all.

We’ve also recently learned he has a Methylation issue which is in this thread. So a few months back I started wondering if it could be yeast and posted the question here. There was one person who said their Candida issues started with a penis tingling. I’m just looking for the cause of this thing.