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raster;53415 wrote: Well, the pinworms might indicate parasites and its quite common to have them in general. All humans have parasites, we just have them at different levels.

Did your son have any skin problems before the antibiotic use?

If you want a good probiotic, i recommend trying hmf neuro which is the only probiotic on the market with human micro flora. This likely will greatly benefit him in general. I would continue to keep his diet strict. I would try out a gentle antifungal such as coconut oil, or sf722, various acids, etc.

The skin conditions may relate to liver health directly because if your liver is clogged up, then you’ll detox via a different method. This includes the hair and the lungs. Some people who have these conditions have both skin problems and asthma and it goes back and forth between the two.

The candida on the penis may indicate yeast inside the kidneys and this has to be cleaned out with special remedies.

From my experience, if you address the liver, then the detoxing will improve and so will the symptoms.

What was wrong with the naturopath? Are you interested in any others? I’ve sent 4-5 other people on the forum to one here in portland if you’re interested in another one.

Stomach acid problems also can relate to skin problems:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx

Everyone you need to do with a child must be done very carefully and well thought out. A lot of people dive head on into the diet and treatment without a good plan.


Raster, We’ve had 2 stool tests with the ND and a blood test with the Infectious Disease doctor and no parasites were found just various overgrowth of some bacteria w/ the stool tests. Candida was not found just a lower amount of yeast. However on an IgG test with the ND, he reacted highly to bakers yeast and brewers yeast so from that time forward I removed most of the gluten free carbohydrates (with the exception of a rice/quinoa pasta w/o corn) and almost all refined sugars (except for recently with holiday and birthday).

Since starting him on solids at age 1 we’ve been avoiding these foods after testing them with him and subsequent allergy testing: Dairy, Egg, Soy, Peanut and Tree Nut and green peas. Since May of last year we removed all Gluten. Couple months later we removed all Corn products and for the past 4 months or so we’ve been following a more Paleo diet with the exception of the GF rice/quinoa pasta.

He has primarily had an organic diet since birth. No processed foods with artificial ingredients and colors (what people like to call kid food). I also breast fed for two years and no vaccines.

In a response to “impossible” i talked about finding out recently the i have hsv-2 and that my son has Roseola a month before this whole thing started. I’m going to look into getting a virus plan (not sure who would provide that) as he suggested. I’m not sure about staying with the Naturopath i’m working with. I’m not feeling like there is a real plan to work with this so i’m open to meeting with someone else. Would be nice to have a referral to someone local.

Also the probiotic he’s on is by Organic3 and then also a boulardi by NAC. Organic3 removed acidopholis because of a concern of acidosis in sensitive individuals. They cater to the autisitic community and those following a GAPS diet, etc.

I use coconut oil for for cooking but I assume there would be an effective dose as an antifungal. would he just swallow the oil or can it be give via food?

I completely agree with doing everything very carefully. The human body is so complex! I don’t want to create any other issues. I’m not a fan of prescription meds and am very hesitant of giving him Diflucan. However, in a brief chat with Dr. Wendy Myers (ever heard of her?)here in Austin she said if the liver was in good shape she would probably give him Diflucan. She was a book signing (not hers) and I just chatted with her for a moment. She is a Functional Medicine Doctor and is making a name for herself, although some reviews of her are not very good.

One last thing, sorry for the rant, last year he was given Neuro Biologix Neuro-Immune Stabilizer topical cream (active ingredients 5-MTHF,hydroxycobalamin, methylcobalamin, pyridoxal 5′-phosphate, natural vit D3). Would this be feeding the Candida? At the time it was assumed the mouth ulcers were a result of a B12 deficiency due to a malabsorption of nutrients due to leaky gut.

Thanks again!!!!!!