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impossible;54046 wrote: Awesome! All that should paint a better picture of what his body is doing and could pinpoint some problems. The OAT is awesome and that is one of the better stool tests. There isnt a perfect stool test, but that one is pretty good. Keep in mind that MTHFR is only one of the gene’s that if mutated can cause problems, and at that they probably only tested 677 and maybe 1298 (1298 doesnt really mess up the cycle), 3 can be worse than those. Homocysteine can be an indicator, but it surely doesnt rule out methylation problems.

The delayed hypersensitivity test can be important, even if the tests dont show candida (jorge will be able to give the best response on the effectiveness of those tests, he is by far the best studied person on candida I have seen, doctors included) because a negative response can be an indication of immune malfunction, and not necessarily just against candida, but in general.

You’re on the right track.

It’s about 2 more weeks before all of the tests come back but i called yesterday and talked to the nurse about setting up the appointment. In our discussion she told me that the blood labs were back and that he did have one gene C677T. We didn’t discuss it further. I’ll go over it all with the doc in 2 weeks. I know they were testing homocysteine also but I didn’t think to ask about that. I’m just going to wait for everything to come in.