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dvjorge;53525 wrote:

Why you don’t find an allergist who test him for Candida Delayed Hypersensitivity ??

This is the proper test for him. This test will show if he has cell-mediated immune response to candida antigen. After the result, you can select a proper treatment for him.


A recent iGg by Alletess test revealed strong sensitivity to bakers yeast and a low one to brewers yeast which was the first glimpse at a yeast sensitivity. Previous stool sample did not turn up yeast but it did other opportunistic bacteria. Yeast is coming to the forefront now whereas I’ve been mostly concerned with his Positive ANA blood test.

As impossible has pointed out there is an underlying issue allowing the candida to flourish. So as a result of the new focus on candida and the other concerns I’ve listed I have sought out a functional md.

I think this goes beyond what an allergist might do. The most recent visit to an allergist to figure these things out resulted in tests for the foods that we have been avoiding. They weren’t interested in testing anything else. My sons overall IgE was 259 when it should be less than 90. The test also confirmed that the things we are avoiding are for a good reason.

The new practice that I’ve made an appt with does allergy tests as well so I’m sure we will cover all bases. Thanks!

No, IGG isn’t an implicated immune response during a mucosal yeast overgrowth. You need to know if he has cell-mediated immunity to candida. Hes is having persistent symptoms on his penis glans that may be a fungal infection. This may be an intracellular yeast infection that needs proper treatment. There IS nothing alternative that can cure it. In fact, there isn’t too much information about it in the medical community.
I am only trying to help you. Candida Delayed Hypersensitivity test will tell you if your son Th1 arm is responding to the presence of candida antigen. If there is an immune response, a proper systemic antifungal treatment will cure it in a relative short term. However, if the test is negative, then you have to think about restoring the immunity and a long term treatment.

I am assuming the infection is fungal. I have seen almost all with candida. Terrible cases responding when things are done properly.


I will definitely ask about this test. What is generally the proper treatment that you are referring to?