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ThomasJoel2;53526 wrote:

As “impossible” has pointed out there is an underlying issue allowing the candida to flourish. So as a result of the new focus on candida and the other concerns I’ve listed I have sought out a functional md.

I think it’s wise to look for the underlying issue to fix rather than focusing all your efforts on managing symptoms. To me, digestive disturbances or candida is just a symptom of the underlying cause. Of course, it’s important in the short-term to get these problems under control in order to alleviate suffering, but in the long-term a more permanent solution is needed.

It’s my belief that all candida sufferers have an underlying heavy metal toxicity. The methylation pathway that impossible is very knowledgeable about is responsible for detoxing your body of heavy metals in addition to many other things some of which include fighting off viruses and bacteria infections. When your body gets more heavy metals (like mercury from root canals) than it can handle the methylation process comes to a halt and further impairs your ability to detox. It turns into a vicious cycle where more toxins accumulated impairs your ability to detox and your inability to detox forces you to accumulate more toxins. It’s a bit of a catch-22.

In addition, the most toxic of the heavy metals BY FAR is mercury and causes the most widespread damage. The two most effective ways to treat this difficult situation, to me, seem to be 1) frequent low-dose chelation (the Andy Cutler protocol), and 2) addressing the methylation pathway with targeted nutritional supplemenation aimed at addressing individual genetic mutations. If I were you, these are the areas I would try and learn the most about once you get this specific situation sorted away.

Hope that helped!

Yes, there are causes that allows candida to flourish. One of them is a severe disruption of the antagonistic bacterial flora. You can have a responsive immune system but a flora disruption will allow candida to colonize tissues. It is extremely hard to cure an intestinal fungal overgrowth because there aren’t effective antifungals that targets the intestines totally. Some intestinal parts are very difficult to reach internally and the worse, one time there are enough amount of candida colonies present inside the intestines, they MANIPULATE cell mediated immunity. So, think about the organism itself as a the main cause of immune suppression. Some people also have heavy metal toxicity impairing cell-mediated immunity. It is true mercury and other heavy metal affect the Th1 arm but mercury isn’t the only one underlying cause of a persistent fungal overgrowth. Chronic antigenemia and a severe antagonistic flora disruption also are. There isn’t an universal cause of candida but several of them sometimes combined.

Hope this help and good luck with your son.!