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We went to the new doctor yesterday and I’m feeling somewhat relieved being able to pass this along to someone qualified to help my son. For a year now I’ve been going between conventional doctors (so i can get blood tests, etc) and a N.D. I haven’t felt like anyone but me was really managing the situation. No “game plan”. I highly recommend working with a Functional M.D. who can bring the best of the two worlds together.

“Impossible” – because of both my husband and my family history of mental illness and some alcoholism (somehow we both escaped it by the grace of God)and my son’s symptoms, He suspects Methylation issues.

“dvjorge” – I shared with him what you wrote about the Delayed Hypersensitivity Candida test. He read over your comments (which I made a copy for him) and commented about the Th1 and that it makes sense and how they usually look at Th2. He was going to talk to the ND in his practice about it.

I tried not to dominate the conversation because I have so much data, blood tests, stool tests, saliva tests, symptom history, etc. I told him that whatever tests he thought would help him make the most accurate diagnostic we were willing to do. This is what he ordered:

Alletess Candida panel
Organic Acid Test (Organix Comprehensive Profile – Genova Diagnostics)
GI Effects Comprehensive Profile – Genova
CPL lab blood draw to include: MTHFR (L), metobolic panel, lipid panel, ANA, CBC, CRP – high sensitivity, Ferritin, Homocysteine, Iron, T3 Free, TSH, Vit D.

If Candida doesn’t show up anywhere i’m going to insist on a Delayed Hypersensitivity Test – OR do I need it regardless? LMK

Thanks all so much for your help. It will be about 4 weeks to get all of the results in because of the Genova Labs. I will keep you posted. If you have any thoughts about what we’ve ordered so far, I would be interested in hearing them.