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Thomas,this guy chelated in all different ways ,low dose ,high dose,iv etc,visit all the yeast experts and according to him he had this before the mercury filling and his mercury level is good ,he is poison with lead ,this dude is a warrior in this field like jorge,all the specialist include sherry rogers,leo galland,margorie crandall,patel etc,report cure by the lenght of the treatment and they said yeast have to kill first then heavy metals,so honestly man i dont know ,then i know a guy who had to take care of mercury first then his candida when away this guy told me die off can last for years if i dont get toxins out of the body and recommend some suff i buy to help with daily enemas .I am going through die off now like crazy ,if six month passes and no improvment ,I have to take care of mercury ,lead and cadium first ,see in my case i can take any thing to ease the pain so i can deal with mercury ,but for the pass two weeks ,i was able to work again and feeling alittle better .THis man protocol is 300 mg itra,250 lamasil,nystatin power 16 million unit day plus the list gose on for nearly 18 months with no liver problem.What he is trying to tell me is that i have the yeast outside of the gi track,also i wanted to ask you ,my job i am a heavy duty mechanic and a welder where the place i work is dirty too,do you think that may be a cause too? Many thanks for tellling me about the mercury stuff again, i had a ton ,i have five more to go.