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impossible;53450 wrote: Look up floggis post history and decide for yourself why he makes it such a point to bring up and push vaccination.

Alot of people with chronic immune/infection related health problems if probed report symptoms of viral activity at the start of it. There are actually alot of antiviral therapies. If an active immune suppressing virus present, treating it is a crucial part of cleaning the body of chronic infections. A GOOD functional doc is a great place to start. Looking for and correcting possible physiological causes can possibly reap great rewards too. I wouldnt hesitate for a second spending the $100 on a 23andme test and run the raw data through geneticgenie for the methylation data if my son had the same problems as yours. Yours has alot of the symptoms/problems that are typical with children with methylation or related problems that the panel, as well as others that can be derived from the raw data, can reveal. Other tests such as the nutreval are really good at exposing problems too. A good doctor will be familiar with all of those. (if thats austin tx you’re refering too)

If they are familiar with the immunology involved in what I am talking about and know how to look for and treat active infections in an immune suppressed type environment (i suspect they would) then they would be a good fit. A good CFS specialist would be a good fit too, possibly the best actually.

Expect floggi to blast this because they treat autism biomedically.

Thanks! I’ve actually looked at that group of doctors a couple of times online. Did you just Google them or did they come up as a reference somewhere? What is a CFS specialist? At this point a $100 is nothing! $700 in urologist visits for nothing! I will mention those tests to the next doctor I meet with (quite possibly that group)

Ya, I took a look at the post about mercury and vaccines and read some of the comments and could see he was all over it. I’m used to the haters… Ain’t nobody got time for that!! I have a son who needs healing, I’m done arguing with people about vaccines. I thank God we didn’t vaccinate him because guess what?… He has a positive ANA and they would have never known it because they don’t screen babies for issues before they inject them. Vaccines are not a one size fits all answer. That’s all I’m going to say about that!