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I went to LA for a week after 4 months into the diet on the forum. I ate potatoes frequently (hash browns, french fries), various types of rice (can’t remember if brown or not), pork sausages, fried chicken (breaded), a hot dog (once) with bread, various fruits once or twice, potato chips, and even a slice of apple pie (with sugar and wheat crust).

However, I stuck to my original diet as much as possible during this time; I ate the pumpkin pie muffin bread, greek yogurt, and stuck to my meat plus buckwheat (rice is closest thing) meals as good as possible. I ate salads as much as possible as well.

I had pretty bad bowel movements and reactions while I ate these foods, but I only experienced a little bit of mucous production outside of this. I didn’t feel like I felt before the trip until 1-2 weeks after I got back.

I don’t recommend cheating unless there are special circumstances where you pretty have got to cheat.