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JayBahr;25579 wrote: Here’s some food for thought. My naturopath has said that the reason it takes so long for people to rid of Candida is that the ileocecal valve in between the small and large intestine is open, which in turn is letting the bacteria that is good for the large intestines flow backwards into the small intestines where it becomes a bad bacteria. The first step to your recovery is getting this valve closed. Many people have this valve open because it has been weekend by lack of the bodies absorption of vitamin D and calcium. The reason behind this being that many of us do not live in hot sunny climates all year round, and even if we do most of us in the western world work inside all day. We tend to eat many salads and vegetables and fruits because people tell us this is healthy. Though they are healthy everything in moderation. Your body decides what season it is by the potassium and sodium intake in food, in the winter we tend to eat alot more soups and sodium rich foods, and in the summer time our foods are filled with potassium. When you start to eat a lot of cooling foods with potassium in them (most vegetables and fruits)your kidney detects that you are getting enough vitamin D from the sun which will be absorbed by your skin so it slows down the absorption of vitamin D that you are getting from your food. To absorb calcium you need a sufficient amount of vitamin D and if both of these are lacking, this is what can leave that valve open free to transfer candida and bacteria back to your small intestine and absorbed through your body. As a recommendation to get this valve closed I have been told that chewing your food is very important, celtic sea salting all of your vegetables as this turns them into a neutral food, and if you are going to eat fruits or vegetables make sure they are in season with where you live.

The diet that is on this website is great and pretty much exactly what my naturopath has recommended. I am not sure where in the world you live but try to eat a more winter based diet for a couple of weeks and not eat any foods such as hard nuts which can also equal this valve and this should greatly speed up your recovery once you start targeting the fungus.

Hope this helped.


I realize you wrote this over a year ago? Did you survive the diet? I think these thoughts from your Naturopath were similar to a Dr. Jonn Matsen in Canada. I am interested in the ileoceal valve/seasonal eating theories as I research Candida.