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liciabelle wrote:

Thyme oil is safe to take internally IF you are using an oil that is 100% certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG). And the only brand that I know is CPTG is doTERRA.

See more info at these sites:

I am guessing you need to study a little bit more about it. Thyme Oil isn’t safe internally pure or not pure.!


Jorge, I was not saying that ALL Thyme oil is safe to take internally but I was saying that doTERRA time oil is safe for internal use. That is why I did back it up with a couple websites. There are plenty more out there if you would like more information on it.

The active antifungal compound in Thyme oil is Eugenol. Eugenol is very aggressive to the liver. It is hard for me to believe some Thyme oil be safe internally even when some “natural” focused websites promote it.