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cesto;45237 wrote:

Oral thrush is one of the symptoms that takes the longest for it to go away from my experience, so don’t plan on it going away anytime soon. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it in my opinion; it will come and go away throughout your treatment.


what about other symptoms…such as headaches or clogged sinuses? is there anyway to differentiate between getting worse and getting better with die off? i believe there might be some foods on the “ok” list that might not be agree with some people..therefore having a tough time to determine if it’s a positive or negative effect. i’d like to believe your body will tell you but all of this seems a bit too confusing.

Mostly everything gets worse through die off. There’s not really set answer for every symptom and why it gets worse other than wherever you have candida in your body whether it be your mouth, throat, sinus’s, etc. It will get worse before it gets better because the candida becomes more aggressive before it dies off. It also releases toxins into your body and bloodstream causing even more negative effects throughout your body.

To answer your question of how you can tell your candida is getting worse or getting better? Well the only real way is to be honest with yourself on what you’ve been eating. If you’re cheating than you are probably experiencing a worsening of your symptoms. If you are being strict and following the diet, it is probably die off.

Unfortunately the symptoms of die off and the symptoms of overgrowth are so similar that it is difficult to tell.

Personally I’ve noticed that candida overgrowth for me was crazy sinus pressure and migraines. Since being on the candida diet, I haven’t noticed anymore migraines but I certainly still have varying degrees of sinus pressure and vertigo feeling depending on if I’m hard at the antifungals or giving my body a break.