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You don’t have systemic candida neither CRC. According to what you describe, I don’t think so.

You have a resistant vaginal candidiasis (thrush is only oral candidiasis)

In German, resistant vaginal candidiasis is treated successfully with 400 mg of Ketoconazole a day plus Boric Acid solution douches. This should be done until the infection disappear. If you need more than 21 days on Ketoconazole, your liver enzymes must be tested.

Another successful treatment is Fluconazole 200 mg tablets plus Violet Gentian solution douches. Fluconazole is less agressive for the liver than Ketoconazole.

You don’t need an anticandida diet but avoid sugary food. It is smart to limit refined carbohydrates until you overcome it.

Try these suggestions and you probably resolve it. I will say that my second suggestion should be enough. Do it for the right time.


This is a good paper for you to read :