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The reason you are not getting better is because you are not doing the diet strictly enough. You are eating things that still benefit the candida. You need to reduce the candida numbers in order to get better.

Here are problems with your diet:

-Oats: inflammatory, high in starch, is a grain
-coffee: drains adrenals, contains molds (dried food item), damages kidneys and liver
-honey: not that different than sugar
-banana: pretty much the highest sugar fruit out there, 30g of sugar per each banana; also high in molds
rice: high in starch, contains sugar, inflammatory
gluten free noodles: are these grain free as well? contains rice?

Still taking the birth control pill even though it is widely known that it can cause candida?

My naturopath explained why he doesn’t use the western antifungal drugs: he said if someone punches you as you walk by their house every day, what are you going to do? Eventually you are going to walk down a different street. This is what the western antifungal drugs do, they push the candida deeper or in places where the drugs can’t reach them.

My naturopath also feels that anyone who has candida on their sexual organs that they have candida in their kidneys. If you clean out your kidneys, this will likely reduce your sexual symptoms.