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Last year my husband was exposed to a lot of mold over a 3-month period. His symptoms started with the feeling like his throat was closing up and he couldn’t breath. This resulted in several trips to the ER towards the end of the 3-month exposure time. His biggest complaint is the feeling that someone has their hands around his throat choking him. He’s been to several specialists over the past year …. Pulmonary, Allergist, Digestive, EENT, and generalists. Nobody knows what’s wrong. Then, I started taking a Microbiology course this summer and started learning about molds and yeasts, and thought maybe he could have a systemic mold/yeast infection. After finding this website, it started to make sense. He had a positive spittle test, which seems to clinch it for me. I think he may have thrush, he just got athletes foot, which he’s never had before, he’s afraid to eat, because this usually upsets his throat, he’s lost a lot of weight, and sometimes feels “like he’s dying”. I’ve encouraged him to get his antibodies tested, but he hasn’t done that yet. We’re going to start changing his diet as soon as he returns home. So, that’s where we are now… Any advice would be great. Thank you.