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Raster, Thank you for replaying on my post.

The digest spectrum was given to me by health food store lady, she said she has it and is on it.
But I am finding she doesn’t know much, I bought bunch things I got home and read it better and had to throw away or took back.

The anti-oxidant is also maybe unnecessary…why did you get this?
My doctor gave it to me to take it’s included in my vitamins.

Thats all I can suggest for now. I’d consider consulting a naturopathic doctor about your test results and proper vitamins to take to heal you from candida.

They did go over results on phone, they are 2 hours away and I go back down in Dec go over it in detail.

my Doctor who is a Natural path, Dr. Pedtke joined the Born Preventive Health Care Clinic in August 2002. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame and holds a Doctor of Osteopathy from Michigan State University. She recently completed her residency at Metropolitan Hospital in Grand Rapids and is a Board Certified Family Practice Physician. Her alternative medicine interests stem from an international upbringing where preventive and complimentary therapies are assumed components of traditional treatment. She has special interests and additional training in prolotherapy, weight loss, and natural hormone replacement therapy.
I have been seeing her for 4 years, this is first time she told me get Candida test, I asked her how can I get ride of Rosesoa, she said then we need to test you.