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dvjorge;11740 wrote: Hi Kenny,
I have brought that kind of information to this forum with the only idea of helping candida sufferers to find the right path to leave this diet and supplements forever. The result was some people turned the weapons on me. I agree some candida sufferers resolve it without addressing heavy metal toxicity, but those are a minory who have an active immune system. They only need some antifungal tablets to end with it. Others who are battling it with a diet and antifungals for months or years (most cases) don’t respond because something have their immune system totally suppressed. Mercury is most of time the culprit. You are totally right about the results gotten by those who have removed the amalgams and chelated. Those are who are able to leave the diet and eat what they want, even gluten again, without any relapse. I am following this path , and at the end of this month, I will reach 6 months chelating with ALA. I probably add EDTA soon. Too early to expect a total resolution but for first time in my battle I see the infection leaving my body seriously. I was symptom free two times but when I opened the diet, the relapse occurred.

It is an smart decision to remove the amalgams and chelate. If you have had a candida episodic, soon or later, you will have to do it.

Very smart the route you have taken,
Good Luck,

I totally agree with both of you, Jorge and Kenny. I have looked in to getting my fillings removed in the past. I’ve read many studies on this. One thing is two schools of thought: wait till the candida is leaving/left for a period of time or do it first. The expense of the dentists using the safe methods is in itself a crime in my opinion. I had one lady actually tell me she couldnt in good conscience use the “bad” fillings. I wonder how she in “good conscience” can excuse charging twice as much as all other dentists…………..
I’m waiting on the candida/mold level to drop low enough to be able to afford the dental:(