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KennyG, First off thank you for the very detailed description that you have written on 2-6 regarding your experience and treatments.
Let me start off my letting you know that I am a pharmacist and hold a doctorate degree in pharmacy. And I agree with everything that you have written on here.
I will say that there are still things unknown from a biochemical perspective that I will still be doing further personal research on, but can’t tell you enough how helpful you sharing your experience has been with me.
I have been battling Candida for years…..only I did not know it. I realized that it was Candida about 3 years ago and began changing my diet and incorporating the natural fungal killers in my diet. After about 6 months, I felt better and then continued leading a normal life. I did not know what the cause ofmy candida was, but attributed it to a stressful work life I had at the time combined with poor eating habits and extensive travel.
It is only recently that I have read up regarding the link between mercury fillings and candida.
I am in the process of having my fillings removed and intend on using the information you provided on myself to assist in my detox process.

I have to say that during my own personal struggle, I ran into the same difficulties with various physicians and medical health professionals. The funny thing is that when they were talking to me……they were dealing with one of their own! And so I challenged them on a pure medical and chemistry level regarding what their thoughts were. To make a long story short, they acknowledged after some time that they didn’t know the answers to some of the basic questions in the causes and treatment of Candida. I can tell you as a pharmacist there have not been any new classes of medications to treat candida in over 20 years and it is still one of the more difficult infections to treat in hospital patients.

Its important to acknowledge that we, as humans, just don’t know everything. It doesn’t matter if you a doctor or not. The world of health and healthcare is a big place. Many years ago, we did not know what cancer was and today we have great innovative therapies to help patients live longer and in some cases, live cancer free.
I guess the point I want to make to the audience is that just because someone may say “there is no proof that mercury causes candida” there is also the statement “there is no proof that mercury does NOT cause Candida.” The truth is that there have not been enough medical or scientific studies to prove that there is no link. Just because someone didn’t study it yet…..does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

I appreciate the details and stories of all those on this site, because this is essentially what research is…..and what eventually leads to true advancements in medicine and the health of the entire human race. So to everyone out there….please keep your stories coming!