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d510g1c wrote: fillings removed yesterday! just wanted to report immediate changes. first of all within the first few hours i feel like my anxiety has definitely been lessened as well as mental fog, i have also experienced a bit of a headache and lightheadedness…im thinking these are possibly due to that increased bit of exposure during the procedure, i believe no matter how careful the dentist is there will still be a brief period of exposure. been experiencing runny stools im thinking that could be from the dmsa i dont know. but i can tell the fillings definitely had a direct effect on my mental state and feel less zombiefied. as far as some of the candida symptoms go, no real changes yet but i fully expect a quicker recovery in the weeks and months to come while on dmsa.

DMSA isn’t a good option with your candida. You should way some time (around 3 months) without taking any chelator. DMSA lower the WBC significantly, and this is really bad if candida is present. Instead, DMPS is better but you will need an script. Start with a very low dose of DMSA to see how you react. I am prognosticating an increase in your candida caused symptoms. Some people need to chelate with ALA for around a year to later take DMSA for lead toxicity. DMSA isn’t vital to detox mercury, but ALA is !