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ThomasJoel2;51869 wrote:

what are your thoughts on the accuracy of the hair test? I had that done and was told it was totally normal by the folks on the chelation yahoo group. I had normal mineral transport and was not high on mercury.

Would love other feedback on my test as well.

I’m # 801

My naturopath wants to get me PH neutral before chelation, but I dont think he uses the DMSA, DMPS type stuff…i think more natural supp’s he uses

According to Cutler the hair test is the most accurate test, besides doing a trial chelation round itself. I’m not an expert on reading all of the things a hair test can tell you, but you definitely don’t meet any of the counting rules and your mineral transport looks very orderly. There’s always the possibility that your sample accidentally got switched with somebody else though.

What are your symptoms that make you think mercury? What are your sources of exposure that you can identify?

The most accurate diagnostic test of all would be a trial chelation round. Depending on your reaction you should be able to determine whether or not mercury is truly a problem for you. Might want to ask the yahoo board about that.

Edit: I forgot you had the attached background info with your hair test results. Whatever you decide to do don’t do any chelation while you still have your filling (if it’s amalgam) in. If I were you I’d first get the amalgam removed by a mercury-free doctor and then try a trial chelation round via the Cutler protocol with either DMSA or DMPS. If you experience symptoms that are in line with mercury mobilization/redistribution I would continue down that path and see if you notice any improvement.

Thanks! Yeah, I actually had my 1 amalgam removed over the summer– so like 6 months ago. I had it removed the right way -I found a pricey dentist in a college town that followed the protocol

I was thinking about doing chelation until my hair test came back normal. The thing is, I’m scared to take DMSA because I know it makes candida symptoms worse, and I don’t think a doc will RX me DPMS since my tests have all been normal. I should prob talk to my naturopath, but maybe a brief trial would help me figure out if this is a path worth exploring still