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crow;59320 wrote: still I haven’t heard anybody say in those videos there white tongue has been cured by mercury detox acc to andrew cutler, which was the start of this topic I believe?

Hey crow, lots of people have had their digestive issues clear up after following Cutler’s chelation protocol. I’m not sure about the video with Stephanie, but I do know that Aine Ni Cheallaigh had all sorts of digestive problems that subsequently went away following chelation. She can eat a completely “normal” diet now.

In that thread I linked I included all kinds of reports of people’s candida problems clearing up and/or improving significantly following chelation.

Some excerpts:

– “This is what I always looked for when speaking to people about candida/dysbiosis etc. When can I go back to being normal as such or maybe put another way tolerate foods that others can. It never happened until I chelated enough. I don’t know if anyone recovered other ways, I personally never came across anyone over the last 4 years.”

– “I found that my food allergies had cleared up for nearly everything (in my usual vegan diet) not full of artificial ingredients and herbicides/pesticides. I was even able to eat gluten that I hadn’t been able to tolerate since a teenager, and which I’d never connected with mercury. ALL my other symptoms either vanished entirely (like the phlegm, tinnitus and poor circulation) or improved 80-90%.”

– “Gastrointestinal:
· abdominal cramps
· nausea
· bloated feeling
· colitis (inflammation of the colon)
· headache after eating
· diarrhea or constipation”

– “My children no longer need the gluten, casein, soy free diet. I still use enzymes, but they eat wheat and dairy. I just checked viral titers and await the results. My kids have had normal bowels for quite a while (with yeast not a problem for a long long time).”

– “The last things to clear were the digestive issues, e.g. 6 months in I could tolerate carots, squashes, a few months later foods like leeks, garlic, onions. Then rice, 3 months after that potatoes, another 3 months bread. At this point I was a good 15 months in. Then finally casein (bovine protein). I had been fine all the way through with fermented goats milk but could never tolerate anything from a cow.

Also worth mentioning throughout the time I was chelating I was trying foods out and then all of a sudden I would not get fatigued, or have digestive issues. So it was not just a one off, I think I will try that and I was fine.”