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I know this is an old post but I would like to give some input.

I believe that mercury toxicity is very crucial in resolving candida. I myself was born with a fungal ear infection that spread into my lungs at 6 months old. I almost died on multiple occasions as an infant (had to be on breathing machines). The doctors could not figure it out. Then one day, I stopped having severe asthma (around the same time my ear drums became ruptured, gee I wonder why). My theory is that the infection was able to drain out of my ears and no longer into my lungs which is what kept me alive.. Now, my mother has candida as well, but also had fillings all throughout her teeth..

I do believe the fillings are what caused her candida as well as inheritance. I remember my grandmother used to have me scratch her back all the time when I was a kid, saying she constantly itched all the time. She died at a young age approximately 60 years old (which is still young). She was underweight despite dieting. She constantly napped all throughout the day even in her younger days. She had been declared “mentally retarded” at age 40. How do you live a long life then just one day you are all of a sudden “retarded”. She had lost her ability to read or write. Could not drive a car etc etc.

So I believe inheritance played an important part in where I am today. My grandmother, my mother, and my uncle all show signs of candida (toe fungus, CFS, asthma, COPD etc).

However, with each generation, the disease becomes more frequent and severe. For me, I have joint pains, fibro and nerve damage which started this past year, inflamed lymph nodes in the groin, underneath the ear, and in the chest (thymus gland), cysts in various areas of my body, ear aches, my ears smell like dirty socks, sinus congestion, etc theres so many symptoms. My sister has candida and has sinus congestion, psoriasis, anorexia, fibrocystic breasts, numbness of the muscles, brain fog and lymph nodes in her chest. It is amazing to me how such a disease can afflict damage among an entire family. Not a single family doctor can explain any of our symptoms or put a connection until recently when I went to the naturopathic doctor and I immediately pointed out the fungus on my mothers toenails, and I said “thats why I’m here”. When I told them I had been on antibiotics every year of my life, they were astounded that I was still alive, which I have to agree, I should be dead.

But, back to mercury toxicity. I have never had any fillings, however, my mother had many in the past, which I believe contributed to my candida and illnesses. My sister was born jaundiced and underweight from candida and mercury toxicity from my mother, where as I was born with the infection in my ears. I believe that heavy metals do need to be addressed by a naturopathic doctor and properly chelated. As for me, I will never be cured, but do hope that I can live another 10-15 years and make it to my 40s. I have 23 years of candida and toxicity running through my blood and tissues, that along with tissue damage from alcohol and drugs (which I consumed because I couldn’t deal with the fact that I knew I was sick but the doctors kept saying I was crazy so I figured the hell with it, if I’m not sick, I’ll just get high to escape the pain, now I am dealing with the repercussions, but yet, according to my blood tests I am “healthy as a horse”).

Good luck to everyone, and if you are going to chelate or do any type of detoxing aside form your usual juicing, then you must do it under the supervision of a trained doctor!