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Hello Christi,

Well we all have candida in our bodies, it all depends on whether its pathogenic or non-pathogenic. Antibiotics can cause candida to become pathogenic because a lot of your beneficial gut flora has been destroyed by the antibiotics…so there is not any checks and balances within the gut when this occurs.

Also it sounds like you have a digestive disorder if you are constipated. Don’t worry, most american’s are constipated…its pretty normal.

At the very least, it sounds like you have a gut flora disorder because the candida clear is killing something in your gut that has likely overgrown. We don’t know what is in your gut, but you could have an overgrowth of h.pylori, SIBO (bacteria in small intestine), parasites, strept, etc.

If you want proper testing, I would look at the following link:

The results need to be looked at by a naturopathic or regular doctor.

Here is a candida symptoms list:

In my opinion, I wouldn’t continue with the antifungals until you come up with a treatment and detox plan to get better. Whatever you are killing in your gut is expelling toxins when it dies and these need to be detoxed as much as possible in order to feel good. Otherwise this can damage the liver and kidneys which you will need to heal at a later time. Also, if you do the diet and make a plan…plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get better from this.

A naturopathic doctor is likely a better doctor to use for digestive and GI disorders…western doctors only prescribe medication and don’t really do anything else. They don’t prevent/treat disease (only the symptoms) and don’t treat gut disorders in general.