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Hi Raster …

Thank you for responding to my problem. I have basically been doing the candida diet for a few months without really knowing. I have eliminated all sugars and the bad carbs as part of a healing diet. I have had blood workups, no pylori or anything found. Had a stool test recently, nothing according to the conventional GI doc. I would love to go to a ND, but they do not take insurance, and they are not cheap. I currently cannot afford this expense (husband out of work), 2 kids too. I have to try to help myself as much as possible, so that is why I turned to a forum like this to become more knowledgeable in order to do so 🙁


PS … I also take supplements, ie NAC, Tumeric, Milk Thistle, plus others for detox/inflammation. So I think that area is pretty well taken care of. If you have suggestions of things to add, please make them, that is what I am here for.