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Javizy wrote:

I never knew Th 17 were considered “bad cells” until I read this article. The first thing that came to my mind was what I have read about mercury over-activating Th17.
Most, if not all people who have mercury toxicity develop some autoimmune disease ( I have hyperthyroid, possibly Graves disease ) but, it isn’t my case only if not what people usually report in the chelation forums.
It gives me more support about the idea of mercury behind my health problems.

Have you been formally diagnosed with either hyperthyroidism or mercury toxicity? I’m wondering why you’re not more strict with your diet if you really feel mercury is the problem. Surely you’ve read about the role of natural chelators like glutathione and the importance of good liver and GI tract function in excreting chelated toxins. You can’t hope to achieve this while eating junk food, drinking alcohol and generally not giving your body all the support you can.

Supplements do nothing but put a premium on urine if they can’t be absorbed, and chelation is dangerous if toxins can’t be excreted. Even if you’re taking massive doses of ALA, you’re only adding more of what’s there and being used ineffectively. The primary focus has to be improving how the body utilises these things.

I have more than 2 years that I don’t touch any junk food.(no occasionally either) In fact, my diet is a routine even more strict that what these guys suggest here. The only grain I eat is buckwheat, no fruits, no sugar of any kind, and no more source of carbohydrates than those found in vegetables, plain yogurt, and the buckwheat. The rest is fish, chicken, and eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, and time to time I have eaten some black beans. I don’t drink any alcohol, I mean nothing !! I have been totally gluten free since 2009.
Yes, I have been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism since 2008, after all began. I am now in a sub-clinical phase where TSH isn’t normal, but T3 and T4 are border line.

Honestly, I thought you considered me a little bit more intelligent. For instance, I read your posts and I realize you want to get well and you are researching to get it.

I can not think of me eating junk food or violating the treatment to eradicate what I consider a terrible intestinal candidiasis (my case). If I do that, it is trying to kill myself and no respecting all my dedication, efforts, and time to recover my health, even no respecting my little 5 y/o daughter who needs me.