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Javizy wrote: I apologise if you took that the wrong way. I saw a post of yours from December or January when you posted a CureZone success story where you said “I eat what I want.” If you’ve got a proper diagnosis and you’re maximising your natural chelation potential in addition to the therapy, then I wish you luck.

I would like to eat what I want even if it won’t be my choice in the future and also wish the same for you. It is good to know you can eat anything without worries about a reaction even when you know what is healthy and what no.

I remember I posted the story of someone in Curezone that could eat anything after a chelation treatment. Sadly, that isn’t my story, at least yet. Don’t know if god will give me this privilege again.

Yes, I support my liver with a formula with Milk Thirsty and Dandelion. I also take N Acetyl Cysteine, by the way, it causes a lot of sulphur smell gases. I take Buffered Vitamin C (3000 or 4000 mg diary) Vitamin E with Selenium, Omega 3, L-Glutamine, Biotin 1000 mg a day, Vitamin A , Aloe Vera juice 4 to 6 ounces a day, Slippery Elm 4 capsules a day, and sometimes DGL. I addition to it, a multiple vitamins and minerals a day.

ALA is only 3 days a week. 50 mg every 3 hours night and day. Then, I rest 4 days. I have DMSA and EDTA but I couldn’t touch DMSA. It caused a tremendous yeast flare up when I tried it.

When I eat buckwheat, I always spread coconut oil on the grains and mix them. It is my idea greasy grains will be more difficult for candida, specially with coconut oil.
I tried 50 capsules of S. Boulardii recently. I got impressed with the results but I ran out of them and am still waiting the new order. By now, I am taking SF-722, Oregano Oil, and the coconut oil.
This is my regime now. !!!
Still, I see many white threads going out with my BM and a lot of intestinal discomfort and cramps. I did several stronger antifungal protocols before but never saw this amount of white mucus and threads coming out of me. I don’t know if it is the 6 months already on ALA, the S. Boulardii, or the perseverance with the diet and treatment. For first time I have seen these results. So, my experience may help others with a similar case.