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Javizy wrote:

This compound could inspire novel therapeutic approaches to a variety of autoimmune disorders.”

This sums up its usefulness really. Although I’m sure suppressing Th17 cells could help speed up a curative treatment plan, the problem isn’t the Th17 cells themselves, but rather whatever is fuelling their production. If you still have allergies, leaky gut, dysbiosis or whatever the cause may be, you can’t hope for a recovery without addressing it. I’m not sure if that’s what you were suggesting though. What is it you find so encouraging about this, Jorge? Are you just glad Th17 is getting some press?

I never knew Th 17 were considered “bad cells” until I read this article. The first thing that came to my mind was what I have read about mercury over-activating Th17.
Most, if not all people who have mercury toxicity develop some autoimmune disease ( I have hyperthyroid, possibly Graves disease ) but, it isn’t my case only if not what people usually report in the chelation forums.
It gives me more support about the idea of mercury behind my health problems.