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Yes, of course, makes sense. However it makes me think back to my original reasoning for this post. Why is it that if I eat sugar or wheat I hurt almost instantly. I never had any problems consuming certain foods before starting this diet. That’s what I meant by “no going back”. I actually feel sicker now then I did last May when I started the diet, and now I have real food sensitivities something I never had before.

I think this is possibly a combination of being more in touch with your body (so you just notice more), and also the way your immune system responds (which may be a bigger reaction). When I quit eating gluten a few years ago, my sensitivity to it sky-rocketed, it seemed, when I would accidentally eat something (it took a while to work out the details, ha). I became slightly less sensitive after a year, but even now, it requires very little gluten for me to notice symptoms. I suspect that after years of fighting a continuous onslaught of gluten, my immune system was like “oh hey, cool, a break,” and then when I would eat or touch the wrong thing, it would be like “OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DUMMY, NOOO.” Maybe your immune system just has more resources for the attack now?

Also, whoa, I had never thought about fibromyalgia being related to candida. Whoa.