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When you go off of the diet during the treatment, Mrs. C, you’re feeding the Candida and basically reestablishing the population of your infestation. Perhaps it’s not like completely starting over after two full weeks, but depending on the degree of the infestation when you stop the diet, it can be pretty close to starting all over again. So your die-off is worse because there are more Candida to kill.

I doubt you did any harm to yourself other than reestablishing the infestation and, if you have leaky gut syndrome, it would also grow worse during the two weeks.

mrs.candida;34897 wrote: I understand there are no tests for Candida, I would like to be sure that’s what I’m dealing with.

If you’re having die-off symptoms every time you go off the diet and then start back, I don’t know what could cause this other than
dying Candida toxins.