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Some people who don’t detox enough have the candida toxins recirculate throughout their bodies and it never gets released.

This is what I suspect is happening. The first time I experienced horrible die off , I experienced toxins coming out of my skin in the form of nasty tiny white pustules all over my arms. Also detox for me has been brutal, two times I considered going into the emergency room because of the pain brought on by the migraine. I read that others are working during this period, there’s no way I could even get out of bed.

How high of a dose of antifungals have you worked up to?

(I’m a little sensitive about answering this question. I use muscle testing to determine how much of a medicine or supplement my body needs. I know it’s risky but I’m out here in uncharted territory, I also research to make sure I can’t overdose)

I’ve worked up to 8,000 mg of Caprylic Acid

and 12 SF722

Coconut oil at least a spoonful when I’m cooking a meal so 2-3 times a day.

(i was waiting for the die off to stop until I add in other antifungals)


I’d take stool tests if out if you haven’t

I have , but what are you suggesting them for? SIBO? no ones ever mentioned it to me, and I don’t have any stomach issues. Two naturopaths looked at my stool test the first one was stumped because she said it was normal. The second one said I had a little h.pylori.

Able! Hello!

When you go off of the diet during the treatment, Mrs. C, you’re feeding the Candida and basically reestablishing the population of your infestation. Perhaps it’s not like completely starting over after two full weeks, but depending on the degree of the infestation when you stop the diet, it can be pretty close to starting all over again. So your die-off is worse because there are more Candida to kill.

Yes, of course, makes sense. However it makes me think back to my original reasoning for this post. Why is it that if I eat sugar or wheat I hurt almost instantly. I never had any problems consuming certain foods before starting this diet. That’s what I meant by “no going back”. I actually feel sicker now then I did last May when I started the diet, and now I have real food sensitivities something I never had before.

If you’re having die-off symptoms every time you go off the diet and then start back, I don’t know what could cause this other than
dying Candida toxins.

My thoughts exactly.

Hi Kag,

Hey Mrs.Candida, is it possible that some of the die-off symptoms you are experiencing is your fibromyalgia kicking up? I know sometimes when you change your diet and things go out of whack, everything will go out of whack for a while. I know fibro. can do a lot of the same things as candida.

Yes, there are only three circumstances under which I suffer from the fibromayalgia pain 1. I ate sugar 2. I’m experiencing die off 3. My monthly cycle I’m convinced that the fibromyalgia is a symptom of the candida and they are not two separate things.
So if I haven’t had sugar and it’s not that time of the month.

I really appreciate all your replies. Thank You!