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Thanks Raster.

One of my tests came up positive for a small amount of h.pylori. I did a few rounds of something my naturopath suggested. I assumed it would be taken care of by the Candida diet. Maybe I should get clear about that.

Do you really think that Candida die off can’t last 5 weeks? Just in the past few days I’ve felt my energy returning little by little, it’s fleeting. Here’s the symptoms I’m experiencing as part of “die off”: headaches, no energy, rash on stomach, vaginal infections that last from 20 minutes to 2 hours, but never more then a day, ocasional stomach aches, muscle knots in my upper back, pain at the base of my skull, worse fibromyalgia, and ringing in ears

Why am I so sure that I have Candida? I did the diet and the antifungals for a long time but didn’t give up cheese. When I gave up cheese last spring it took 2 days before I was in so much pain with the worst migraine of my life, I almost went to the emergency room. The rest of the week the headache continued.
Also, I went to about 15 obgyn’s in my 20’s for a yeast infection. Every one of them said I didn’t have a yeast infection, and there was nothing wrong with me. One day my yeast infections went away and that is exactly when all my REAL health problems started. Haven’t had a yeast infection since, until the little die off reactions.

I understand there are no tests for Candida, I would like to be sure that’s what I’m dealing with.