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Your source thing didn’t work, but that looks to be a statement from the Healing Naturally By Bee website?

My issue with that is that it is not corroborated elsewhere. She doesn’t really present much evidence, and no one else tows the line. The argument is actually full of logical holes. She says

Such symptoms and reactions are “NOT caused” by killing off bugs at all. They are created by the body in response to toxins/poisons like it reacts to any kinds of toxins or poisons, therefore such reactions are because of being poisoned!

She gives the above statement to indicate that actually it is the antimicrobials that are poisoning us. However, no one disagrees with the idea that the reaction is to the body being effectively poisoned. Rather, most would argue the poison originates in the death of harmful bacteria, viruses (or the cells they hide in), parasites or fungi. Her line of argument does not necessarily follow from her (weak) evidence.

Moreover, her statement doesn’t give any indication of the causal relationship of inflammation and symptoms. Does inflammation make us feel bad, or is it that die-off toxins cause inflammation? The direction of causality is not clear.

I’m not necessarily saying she is wrong. I’m just saying her argument isn’t all that good and I don’t find it convincing. The whole thing is loaded with leading discourse. It is propaganda.