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Able900;38333 wrote: Dvjorge, if you’re reading this, and I assume you will, the following message was sent to me in private. I figure you’re more likely to help in this case since one of your favorite topics seems to be enemas.

I didn’t send this in a private message because I want this type of problem posted for the benefit of the other members.

Andy’s Message:

“I started a enema for the first time because i wanted to do the gerson therapy. I discovered candida rhiziod strings after a weak of enema’s and juiceing. i stopped the enamas and started eating again after 5 days. I did have 1 bm but felt there was more so did another enema and lots more compacted bm was released. 3 months later Ive been stopping enemas for 5 days or until I get too sick and then giving up with another enema. Now I wish I never started but I guess I wouldn’t have learned about fungal form candida. What to do?”

Jorge, if you can help this gentleman, we would both appreciate it. I’ll make certain that Andy sees your message. Don’t waste his time telling him that the Gerson Therapy couldn’t cure his Candida, it’s too late for that, and he needs help immediately with this problem.


I am more than glad to help anybody, but I don’t understand well what this gentleman explains.
I also don’t know what is the Gerson Therapy. I guess it is a kind of fasting and juicing.

It looks like he became constipated or adapted to the enemas to have a BM, he should take a laxative and eat fiber. I have done many enemas and have not experienced constipation of any type, but I have not been juicing or fasting. Magnesium tablets and Vitamin C to bowel tolerance may help him. Constipated people should be careful if the want to do enemas, imo.