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Catalina wrote: Hello!

After reading this thread I purchased Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil. There is a lot of positive reviews online. Does anyone know if this is one of the antifungals that candida easily adapts to? Should we switch it with another one after a few weeks? Thank you all for suggesting it.


Hi Catalina,

I’ve asked if anyone had any experience with black seed oil as well (besides this post) and got no reply so I am guessing that nobody tried it yet for this kind of treatment. It has been used in my country for treating of fungal infections since… forever. It cures fungal infections topically as well. Many in my country take a teaspoon a day as a maintenance and general health dose (it is believed that it can cure almost anything). This makes me believe that it works on a long period of time basis and is safe to take for a long time, but I don’t really have anything scientific to prove or disapprove this.

I am still on some milder antifungals increasing them slowly and did not try the black seed oil (I do have it in my cupboard) and my plan was to start taking it and continue for a while, and instead of switching just add another stronger antifungal such as coconut oil. I seem to be either too sensitive to any changes in my diet or experiencing too much die-off. Either way, if it is die-off, I am trying to avoid feeling sick as I need to take care of my kids so I am doing this in baby steps rather than nuking the candida at a short period of time.

Please let us know when you start taking it how strong it is and your experience with it.