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I got some black seed oil but I’m waiting for molybdenum since I am afraid of die-off. I still get it but I imagine it would be much worse if I got more agressive with antifungals.

It is believed among Islamic people that black seed could cure almost anything. Probably exaggerating a little, but it does have a lot of great properties. I found several sites and research mentioning it’s antifungal properties among many others. Not sure how powerful it is compared to other antifungals, but I plan to have a teaspoon per day and see what happens. I am still looking for any instructions on how much you can take. One teaspoon a day is more like a maintenance dose. Many people take it as a supplement and prevention.

I will let everyone know when (and if) I get molybdenum and try it. I guess it could be just another option and antifungal to add and raise hell for candida 🙂

Below is some reading about it if want to look at it.

This one offers various research on it,29

Here is about some health benefits