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Hi, Lucy.

Your morning routine sounds just fine to me. And I would take the antifungals after your meals; otherwise, some may be strong enough to cause problems with your digestion.

The grape bitters you can take before a meal, during a meal, or after a meal, I don’t think the difference is worth worrying about. They’re going to work as long as they can stimulate the vagus nerves.
As far as probiotics are concerned, some of the milder ones do recommend taking them with meals, but the truth is that they’re absorbed better if taken on an empty stomach. That’s one hour before a meal ro two hours after.
The apple cider vinegar; the way you’re taking it is fine, just whenever you think about it.

Lucy, I just want to commend you on sticking solidly with the treatment, you seem to be doing just perfect with the entire protocol. According to your first post, it appears that you’ve been on the treatment a little over two weeks now. Can you see any difference in your symptoms yet?

Thanks, Able