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“I really hope that every single forum member is taking vitamin C while on the diet/protocol because it is by far the most important vitamin you need for your health. The human body does not produce vitamin C and this diet does not have fruit in it, so its very important that you supplement yourself with some Vitamin C throughout your treatment until you can eat fruit again regularly.”

Sorry Able, this quote was actually from Raster, from the original post.

“Otherwise, the answer to that question is actually part of the protocol. Sounds like you may need to read it if you intend to follow it.”

I have read and studied both the protocol and the diet at least 15 times, trying to take everything in. I have read the “vitamins and supplements” section multiple times, and I have read all of the 32 articles linked to from the diet. I understand that you list many vitamins, minerals, and supplements both in the protocol, and elaborate on them n the vitamin & mineral post. My question was asked not because I haven’t read the information you sent me, but because I have read it, and am seeking clarification.

I know there are many benefits to taking vitamin C, but Raster is placing special importance on it because we are currently not getting it in our diet through fruit. Since there are so many supplements that you recommend (I counted 18, not including foods), I am not able to afford all of them at once. I am taking the big ones you recommend (coconut oil, molybdenum, vitamin c, candidate, probiotics and about to start kefir and antifungals.), but will have to prioritize some of the others (should I ultimately work up to all supplements listed?

My initial question is not “which supplements are beneficial to the treatment”, as I know you cover this in-depth, but specifically “Are there any other vitamins or minerals that we are not getting enough of from this diet”. I know that we get a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in the diet, but if there is something I will actually be deficient in from not consuming fruit/grains/nuts, then I would put a priority on this and purchase this vitamin/mineral ASAP over something that will just shorten the treatment.

As always, thank you for your help and clarification!