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I always do my best to help but you need to understand I am also a sufferer. I can not write myself medical papers, neither can post everything I have learned in a post. You need to do an effort to understand. In fact, what most sufferers need is how to do the protocol because studying it won’t give you the solution or your health back. I like to research and to study but it doesn’t mean I am cured or have better chance of reach it.

This syndrome, most of the time, is an acquired immune tolerance to the yeast.
Immune tolerance to the YEAST, in spite its presence cause general immune dysfunction.

Most candida sufferers have an immune response polarized in a humoral mode (th2, antibody formation) It means your body is hyperactive creating antibodies to all things that touch it such as allergens, chemicals, food, etc Candida sufferers become universal reactors! Unfortunately, this Th2 polarized immune response is the opposite we need to combat a fungal infection. It means your immune system will be 24 hours fighting a war in a front where your main enemy isn’t present. To combat candida, we need cell mediated immunity.
Probably, you don’t get sick often because you immune system develop an antibody against everything that touch it. It means any antigen will be fought with an immune response in a Th2 mode.
Th2 mode isn’t effective against intracellular pathogens such as candida.
You have to follow a protocol for enough time that allow your immune system to brake the tolerance to the fungus. It means recovering Th1/Th17 immune response against it. To allow it, the fungal presence must be lowered to almost 0 for enough time.
The presence of yeast in high amounts for enough time was what caused your immune system to tolerate it. Now, you have to revert the process. Anything that be loading the immune system and causing it to be overactive in a Th2 mode, must be corrected. You need to balance the immune system and push it toward to cell-mediated immunity in order to eliminate the fungus. If you don’t focus the treatment in it, you will manage your symptoms only. To be able to leave the anticandida diet and supplements, the immune system have to be re-activated against the yeast presence.

I hope this help you,