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I am so glad my post was helpful, Diane! And I’m glad you’re encouraged 🙂

I just typed out another nice long response for you, and somehow it got lost in the system! So, I’m sorry but I’ll have to be brief.

Garlic, olive oil, and coconut oil are perfectly fine to use for cooking during the first two weeks, I just meant that I wouldn’t take them in large doses for antifungal purposes during this time.

I use Nature’s Way capsules, but I’m sure there are reputable brands available at your organic store (?).

I didn’t do the cleanse, so I’m not sure about the kefir & goat yogurt. Sorry :/

Some black olives are packaged with vinegars or sugars. I think your best bet is to look for an organic brand that uses sea salt and water as the only other ingredients. Many stay away from citric acid (it’s often derived from yeast) while on the diet, too, so watch for that as an ingredient.

Sorry to be so short and too the point! I have to run. But, I do hope you are encouraged 🙂