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Hi Able,

Yesterday after dinner not immediately after I got a dull ache on my right side just under my chest, if I laughed it hurt and if i pressed also. 
I have not had any discomfort now for a while and so far food it seems like I have been digesting my food normally! 
Is it intestinal gas? I used to have this pain before, it used to come and go! Its not unbearable or anything like that its quite a dull feeling but I dont like it being there!  Any ideas of what it might be?

Just in case you are wondering food yesterday:

Morning 2 slices of bread
Boiled egg
One tiny piece of sardine
Organic goat yogurt

Midday: bio kefir 2 slices of bread with some canned white tuna, the good type that is

19.30 red onion, egg plant, zucchini with garam masala, curry, turmeric, garlic and coconut milk
Chicken drum sticks, 2 of them rolled in batter, made of coconut flour eggs and some salt pepper and some spices
Salad with tomatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds, onions, tomatoes and garlic, lemon and olive oil vinegarAitte

Was that too much for my stomach perhaps, I realised immewdiately afterwards that I had eaten too much, I was so hungry and when you are travelling so much during the day its difficult to have food handy! The thing is we were counting on having an early lunch but that didnt work out, grrrrrr! 

So any ideas? I should definitely reduce amounts of food right? Still would like to know what pain is?

One anothet thing, I am panicking, my probiotics are nearly finished and I dont go home till next wednesday should I reduce intake and spread them over the last few days rather than having high doses and not having any at all on other days?