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Hi Able! New user, you seem like an ANGEL! I’ve been trying to deal with this all by myself, and I don’t have many of the digestive issues that Ive heard (or at least I didn’t notice them), my candida rears it’s ugly head as a soreness in my gums and throat, and has a horrible taste in my gums and radiating from my esophagus and probably further. I also have been very foggy and have a feeling of highness every once in a while….

I got it from taking antibiotics at least a year ago from a root canal, and it took three dentists to finally diagnose what this funny taste was. I have taken nystatin and fluconazole which helped a bit, but it always comes back. I decided to try the diet.

I’ve been on a grain, dairy, sugar, starch, nightshade and ferment free diet for a week now. I have been drinking plenty of lemon, water, taking Jarrow probiotics in the morning and night, and 2 tabs of garlic three times a day. Im wary to take a multivitamin as I have read many contain candida friendly ingredients (like b?) Ive been trying to work out for 30 minutes a day even though I am sooooo tired and hungry.

What is a good multi, and am I doing enough? I havent experienced any die off symptoms… this a good thing? I dont typically have any diet restrictions….when will, if ever, will I be able to eat normal again? I am such a foodie, and although I have been getting very creative (I will be posting my recipes) I can’t wait to stop being paleolithic!
Thank you so much